Testimonials for Eaves Water System by GutterPlus

We strive for quality products and service. Heres just some of what our customers say about us:

"This is my review after heavy rain. We have had that in spades over the last couple of days.
Today we even had hail. I'm pleased to report that the guttering system worked a treat.
There was no overflowing like we would have had in the past with our old system.
We are rapped. Also I was impressed with the speed with how fast you guys put the Guttering System up.
Half a day was amazing. Thank you so much."

Katie S - Auckland

"We had Gutterplus come and install new guttering to both our house and garage in February 2018
We were constantly having issues with blocked gutters due to a neighbours tree they were constantly getting blocked up with leaves and in heavy rain our gutters overflowing so much so they were creating a ditch in our grass at back of the house.
Since having the new gutter system installed we have not had any issues with overflowing or leaves blocking them, another advantage of having Eaves installed is it has stopped the birds from getting under our roofing iron and nesting in the roof.
Another benefit is the removable caps so we can inspect the gutters to see if there has been any debris get in and can be adapted to fit with a water tank if need be.
The colour matching has also suited the recent paint job we did on the house
The system was installed in a day and the guys took away all the old guttering
We would whole heartedly recommend this system to anyone needing to replace their guttering."

Carol D - Waikato

"Wanted to let you know I am really pleased with the spouting on my shed, I had a look in it the other day and there was virtually nothing in it. I have cleaned it out once in all the time it has been up (ran along the front with water blaster and squirted in through the front gap) and considering the bush that over hangs it and the rubbishing that falls onto the roof on a daily basis it is magic to have it there.
I would be cleaning normal spouting out once a week. It does need a clean down as it is on the south side of the hill and there is a build up of algae/scum on the surface but it doesn't seem to affect the way it works.
Bloody great stuff."

Kevin L - Tauranga

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